The Memorial

The Worcester Fire Fighters Memorial Committee was created in the aftermath of the tragic fire that claimed the lives of the six Worcester firefighters in December 1999. The committee’s purpose is to establish a permanent memorial to honor the six fallen heroes. This project will help revitalize (economically and environmentally) the city of Worcester and provide an educational opportunity to all, especially children, regarding the meaning of heroism.

Description of the Memorial Site

The site of the proposed memorial and memorial park is located next to Worcester Fire Headquarters, adjacent to Salisbury Pond, at 141 Grove Street, Worcester, Massachusetts. Each of the six fire fighters had previously trained for service at the Grove Street fire headquarters location.

The combination of busy urban activity in close proximity to a quiet and reflective historic landscape offers designers a unique site to construct a proper memorial for these six fallen heroes. The site had previously been part of historic Institute Park, donated to the City of Worcester by Stephen Salisbury III in 1887. The site offers many natural and man-made amenities, including an existing playing field, multiple views and vistas from three major roadways and substantial existing tree and shrub growth. Salisbury Pond is a quiet place, reflective and peaceful, yet it sits within the urban framework of the city close to WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute).

If you are interested in helping us build the memorial and memorial park, find out how you can help.

Aerial photo of memorial site

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